Cathio’s Genesis and Vision

Cathio’s Genesis and Vision

Since Cathio’s launch on May 31st, on the feast of the Visitation of the Blessed Virgin Mary, we’ve received an  overwhelming number of messages of support from young Catholics, potential clients, partners and investors many of which have been curious about how we got started and brought together such a strong team.

Who are we?

Cathio has a leadership team and a Board of Directors who are experienced professionals in the fields of money movement, finance and business, technology, government and Church management. We are united by a shared faith and commitment to connecting people of good will to more good works.

Why was Cathio formed?

Cathio was formed to respond to a very specific challenge: how can the movement of money and resources be transformed in the Catholic Church to reduce costs, improve transparency, and empower non-profits to increase the effectiveness of their good works.


Cathio’s vision is to offer innovative solutions to the Church on how to move money and resources. Concretely, this means replacing the donation envelope, making it more convenient and cost effective to financially support cross border missionaries, providing a user friendly interface to connect donor interests with charitable needs.

We aim to do this through the adoption of innovative and proven technologies which reduce costs, increase the speed of transfer and add additional levels of security and certain levels of transparency to eliminate opportunities for corruption.

Next Steps

Over the next several weeks, the Cathio team and I will be blogging about our mission, the ways in which we are offering concrete solutions for the Church, and sharing insights into our platform.

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Ryan M. Thomas
Co-Founder and Interim Chairman

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